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About Us

At Extrico Health, our goal is to make powerful analytics easy-to-use and accessible to all hospitals regardless of their size or current analytics maturity.

Extrico Health began in 2013 with two physician researchers, Extrico’s founders, who were part of their hospital’s informatics group and charged with creating dashboards and reports out of their EHR’s database. Drs. Ira Hofer, MD and Eilon Gabel, MD MHA quickly recognized that EHR databases are convoluted, messy, and unwieldly – which made quickly turning around accurate content challenging, if not impossible.

This struggle to create quality content formed the need that drove Drs. Hofer and Gabel to develop a simplified and interoperable healthcare database. They began development of the system with the first deployment going live in 2014. Since then, the Extrico Health Platform has continued to improve and iterate to meet the needs of the hospitals and healthcare companies we serve throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Now, we are ready to put our expertise to work for you and your team to help your organization thrive.

Our Team

Ira Headshot.jpg

Ira Hofer, MD

Co-founder and President


Maria Moore

Chief of Staff

headshot1 copy (1).jpg

Kate Adams

Product Manager Consultant

Eilon Headshot.jpg

Eilon Gabel, MD, MHA



Shirel Daniel


Digital Marketing

John Headshot.jpg

John LaValle

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer pic.jpg

Jennifer Miller 


Information Technology

Kevin Ledet.jpeg

Kevin Ledet

Chief Operating Officer


Vijay Vempati

Senior SQL Software Engineer 

We are on a mission to turn data into action

Board Members

Ari Headshot.png

Ari Engelberg

Founder of,

serial entrepreneur and early-stage investor 

Doug Headshot.jpg

Doug Gold

Early-stage Investor

Rekha Headshot.jpg

Rekha Murthy, MD

Former CMO Cedars-Sinai

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