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Platform Overview

Electronic health records (EHRs) do an excellent job of collecting data for patient care and operations. However, this raw data is not ‘actionable’ information. That’s where the Extrico Health Platform shines. The Extrico Platform organizes data into logical concepts that streamline transformation of raw data into actionable insights, bringing world class analytics to hospitals of all sizes.

Extrico Health is bringing world class

analytics to hospitals of all sizes.

Hundreds of Actionable Data Points Ready for Deployment

Analytics from Top Health Systems and Researchers Available to Everyone


The team of expert physicians and researchers at Extrico Health are dedicated to helping all health systems leverage their EHR data as an asset to make better decisions. Our simple-to-use Platform solves complex problems like data interoperability, normalization, and data governance. Extrico Health’s Platform has been used in publishing dozens of peer-reviewed papers as well as NIH and industry-funded research initiatives yet can be mastered by a data analyst in only a few days.


Deployment and Integration

The implementation of the Extrico Health

Platform is fast and highly flexible.

Extrico will work with you to accommodate your teams’ size, experience, and bandwidth. We can deploy on-premises, or in the cloud, and conform to all best-in-class security protocols. The Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing suite of analytics tools easily and securely. Deploying the Platform does not derail existing processes and procedures nor require extensive training, enabling you and your team to hit the ground running.

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