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The Platform

Extrico Health's self-service analytics solutions transform raw EHR data into actionable insights at scale to ensure data accuracy, elevate quality outcomes, increase revenue capture, help optimize operations, and enhance quality metrics.

Bringing world-class analytics to all hospitals 

Platform Overview

Extrico’s platform automatically scans every chart, applies clinical phenotypes, and then identifies and describes specific CDI opportunities wherever they exist. Extrico powered insights improve understanding of patient records, ensure accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation so that hospitals are paid properly for completed work. Solving the clinical, technical, and operational bottlenecks for health systems across the country.

One Platform, Endless Benefits

Our Users



Streamlined workflows and accurate insights, ensuring more time for patient care. 

Administrators & CDI Teams 

Enhanced clinical documentation improvement for revenue management, minimizing errors and optimizing performance.


Valuable data standardization and scalable patient identification to continue to advancements in healthcare.

Built by Clinicians, Powered by AI

The Extrico Difference

A variety of tools that profess to use AI to help identify opportunities, however, these black box models (usually only using NLP on notes) lack clarity. Extrico uses clinical phenotypes, leveraging a variety of datapoints to ensure high precision and explainability. Built by clinicians, our phenotypes total more than 500 distinct measures and metrics. Extrico can be used to identify opportunities to improve care quality and efficiency making it a "one stop shop" for hospital analytics.

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