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Turning Data into Actionable Insights
that Help Hospitals Thrive.

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At Extrico Health, we believe your data should be accessible. 
So we built a transformative platform from the ground up with clinical workflows in mind — transforming raw data into actionable insights that will have a direct benefit to patient care and the bottom line.

of all data comes from the healthcare industry 
Increasing since 2010 by



The Electronic Health Record (EHRs) generate large volumes of data but make it difficult to turn these data into actionable information.

Successful healthcare analytics is complex. It requires a deep knowledge of medicine, healthcare data, statistics, and hospital operations. Creating teams with the cross-domain expertise necessary to succeed is hard and expensive.

Extrico Health’s cutting-edge platform was built by physicians with more than 30 years of combined healthcare and data analytics experience at top research universities. 

We are on a mission to turn data into action

Our Solutions

Extrico Health's self-service analytics solutions transform raw EHR data into actionable insights at scale to ensure data accuracy, elevate quality outcomes, increase revenue capture, help optimize operations, and enhance quality metrics.


Revenue Cycle Management 


Operational Analytics


Research Facilitation


Risk Stratification

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