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Turning Data into Actionable Insights
that Help Hospitals Thrive.

Extrico Health. Complexity Made Simple.

US Healthcare consumes 20% of GDP ($13 Trillion). Every year, hospitals are being asked to produce better outcomes at lower cost.

They spend 8 billion dollars per year on Electronic Health Records (EHRs) but still struggle with conflicting and confusing data on key metrics critical to the bottom line. These systems are data rich but information poor.

Successful healthcare analytics is complex. It requires a deep knowledge of medicine, healthcare data, statistics, and hospital operations. Creating teams with the cross-domain expertise necessary to succeed is hard and expensive.

That’s why we created Extrico Health.

Extrico Health’s cutting-edge Platform was built by physicians with more than

30 years of combined healthcare and data analytics experience at top research universities. We built a transformative Platform from the ground up with clinical workflows in mind — transforming raw data into actionable, impactful information that will have a direct benefit to patient care and the bottom line.

The Extrico Health Platform takes the hard work out of analytics, giving you the information you need to focus on what you do best – caring for patients.

Extrico Health: Complexity made simple.

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