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Robust Documentation from the Start

Extrico’s clear and comprehensive documentation makes it easy for employees to dive right into analytics without the need for costly training.

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Getting team members up to speed on a platform can take time. That’s why our Extrico Health Platform has detailed documentation and data dictionaries ready to be used from day one. From high-level overview documents, data dictionaries for all Extrico Phenotypes, detailed technical documentation and even orientation videos, Extrico makes it easy to get started with the Platform and onboard new members as your team grows.

Built-In Data Governance

Extrico Phenotypes codify organizational definitions and enable everyone to use them with the click of a mouse.

The Extrico Health Platform naturally facilitates governance and cross-functional collaboration. Extrico’s Reporting Schemas are developed around specific use cases – refining these use cases and Extrico Phenotype definitions creates documented and scalable definitions that can be used to measure performance across your organization. Once these definitions are codified in the Platform, they are available to the whole organization, making sure everyone is speaking the same language and working together efficiently. Over time, as definitions change, the Phenotype can be modified, keeping everyone and past dashboards up to date seamlessly. It’s all built into the workflow.


With more than 50 years of combined experience in developing and executing data governance policies and procedures, the Extrico Health team will be an invaluable resource to your team, whether you have an established governing body or are just getting started.


Plug and Play Visual Analytics

Use your own tools or leverage Extrico’s web-based product solutions to quickly realize value.


Extrico Health’s Reporting Schemas are designed for seamless integration with any visual analysis tools your team is already using today (such as Qlik, Tableau, etc.) as well as Extrico’s web-based tools. If you are not currently using a system, we can help you set one up or set one up for you.

Incorporating non-EHR datasets or even survey data into the Extrico Platform is streamlined and simple, so all hospital stakeholders can see a comprehensive picture of the data that matters to them in one place.

Operationalizing the Extrico Platform is a non-event. Consumers can continue receiving content through the venues they are most accustomed to, and creators can continue to leverage their skillsets that they have developed.

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