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Platform Overview 

Simplified Data Structure

The Extrico Platform's streamlined data architecture makes analytics seamless and accurate.


The Extrico Health Platform uses a series of SQL scripts to collect, migrate and transform data from hundreds of tables in the EMR's database into a Schema of 28 easy to understand BASE tables.


All BASE tables are grouped into three principal domains…

  • Operative Cases

  • Encounters (such as hospitalizations, office visits, appointments, etc.)

  • Patients


…..because all data in an EMR is attributable to one of these three concepts. With each domain having its own unifying identifier, extracting insights from the Extrico Health Platform is intuitive and simple.

Standardized and Scalable Data

During your Extrico Health Platform implementation, all labs, medications, vitals signs, and monitoring data are mapped to standardized identifiers. This offers two primary benefits: data scalability and standardization.


Scalability: During the implementation, we only map data elements that are being used for reporting purposes. In doing so, we strip away unnecessary data that would otherwise obscure future data analysis, diminish report accuracy, and demand additional server resources. As needs change, previously excluded data elements can easily be added back to the Platform.


Standardization: In one EHR implementation a single lab, such as glucose, may have dozens of identifiers due to different lab equipment or panel configurations. Data element mapping within the Extrico Health Platform standardizes identifiers within an individual site, and across all Extrico sites, allowing for increased interoperability. Sharing code and insights, cross-site validation, multi-site data aggregation - the Extrico Platform improves healthcare analytics for all.

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Powerful Insights 


[ fee-noh-tahyp ]
noun Genetics.

1. the observable constitution of an organism.

2. the appearance of an organism resulting from the interaction of the genotype and the environment.

3. physical and biochemical traits that can be produced by a given organism over the course of development.

Just like in biology where an organism is more than the sum of its genetics, an Extrico Phenotype creates useful information that is more powerful than the data that goes into it. Each Extrico Phenotype leverages multiple pieces of curated and normalized data to create a data point with clear and useful clinical and operational meaning that can be tailored to your organization.


Extrico's vast library of over 500 thoughtful Phenotypes will help you to achieve world class analytics simply, right out of the box. No need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to analyze new datasets or add detail to an existing report/query. All of Extrico’s Phenotypes are customizable to meet your organization's needs, or they can be built from scratch with our expert support.

Complex Reporting Made Simple

The Extrico Platform organizes relevant phenotypes in tables to make extracting meaningful insights easy.

The final stop for your data in the Extrico Health Platform is within a Reporting Schema. Reporting Schemas are the most refined data source on the Platform. Each Schema is composed of table(s) that meet your specific organizational use cases and include all relevant phenotypes. Reporting analysts have immediate access to calculated metrics using your data definitions that can be integrated into reports and dashboards using a third-party tool such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.

Whether you use our existing dashboard templates or build from scratch, our team of physicians, researchers and developers will work with you to understand and execute on your organization’s unique reporting needs.

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